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Morrisons launches prepay trial in 50 stores

Morrisons is upping its mobile strategy signing a deal with international pre-paid MVNO Now to trial its Sims across 50 of the supermarket’s stores. Distributor Data Select will supply the stores with Sims until March 2014. The trial stores are in areas with a culturally diverse demographic and a high level of international customers.

A perfect match for MVNOs

“TELCOS have been making billions from customers, but what have the customers been getting other than connectivity and perhaps dropped calls,” says Loke Yee Siong, founder and CEO of the latest telco in town, Enabling Asia Tech. “Offering customers, especially pre-paid users, a tangible benefit is key,” he says, pinpointing this as a customer need … Continue reading

Falabella to launch MVNO in August

Chilean retailer Falabella is finalizing its commercial offers for mobile services and plans to launch its MVNO operation in August. It is already possible to access the Movil Falabella website, although for the moment this consists only of a welcome screen. With the MVNO, Falabella aims to take advantage of the group’s existing customer base, … Continue reading

Sunrise buys ethnic MVNO Ortel Switzerland

Swiss mobile operator Sunrise has acquired MVNO Ortel, further strengthening its position in the international prepaid MVNO segment. Ortel Switzerland was privately held, and licensed the Ortel brand from Dutch telco KPN, which owns the brand in the rest of Europe. The acquisition comes just weeks after Sunrise purchased the local subsidiary of Lebara Mobile, … Continue reading

MegaFon gets green-light to acquire Yota

MegaFon has received permission from the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia to buy 100% of Scartel’s (branded Yota) shares. If the acquisition goes through MegaFon will add 2500-2530/2620-2650 MHz spectrum range to the existing 2570-2595 MHz and 806-813,5 / 847-854.5 MHz and considerably expand its LTE coverage in Russia. At the moment MegaFon is using Yota’s LTE … Continue reading

Malaysian MVNO success could spur regional growth

Tier one mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) Sisteer has launched a new MVNO named Buzz Me on Malaysia’s U Mobile network. Sisteer aims for Buzz Me to become a regional Asia MVNE platform. The core of Buzz Me’s operations is Sisteer’s light technology platform which integrates a business support system (BSS) with U Mobile’s host … Continue reading

3 mobile virtual network operator licenses to spur telecom market

The Saudi Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) recently qualified three consortia for mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) licenses in a bid to stimulate competition and provide users with more alternatives. In a statement, it said the licenses would improve the level of service, lower prices, enhance customer care and increase job opportunities for citizens.

Exclusive Interview with Fady Elias, Director, WW Partners

In the time leading up to the MVNOs Industry Summit Middle East in Dubai in September, we spoke to several industry experts, who will also speak at the event. Please read below the interview with Fady Elias, Director, WW Partners. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The MVNO licenses in Saudi Arabia have just been announced. What advice would you … Continue reading

Saudi mobile telecom market set for change

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) are gearing up to initiate positive change in Saudi Arabia’s telecom market, a report said. The Saudi Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) recently qualified three consortia for MVNO licenses in a bid to stimulate competition and provide more choice. In a statement it said the licenses would improve the … Continue reading

MIIT requires real-name registration for new phone users beginning September

China’s regulator MIIT now requires that all operators in China – China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, small broadband operators and upcoming MVNOs – have to implement real-name registration for new users of cell phone, fixed-line telephone and dongles etc.  The regulator will conduct an inspection once a year, warning that it will fine operators … Continue reading