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Infographic: what will the future look like with the introduction of the e-SIM?

Since 2007 the mobile industry has witnessed a few developments which are shaping and progressing the whole mobile ecosystem. Most recently, one of the most debatable topics has been the impact the standardised eSIM technology will have on the industry and mainly on the end-consumer. Will the e-SIM cause as much disruption in the mobile … Continue reading

Video interview with Christian Borrman

In case you missed our latest interview on the MVNOs YouTube channel last month,  here’s your chance to take a look at it and learn more about the Christian views on where we should be seeing the biggest growth, opportunities and challenges in the MVNOs market in the coming years. Click on the image above to … Continue reading

How to stimulate the convergence of financial and telecom industries through a mobile payment platform

The core functionality for Mobile Payments are Cash-In/cash-Out, P2P money transfer, Voucher transfer, Buy Airtime for phone, Bill Payment (Utilities), Pay for goods in a store, Bank Transfers, and bulk disbursements such as salaries. In order to support the above functionality, it is possible for banks to evolve into Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)’s and … Continue reading

MVNO Monday Q&A – Lebara Group

In the first of a regular series, TeleGeography spoke with Imran Aziz, Head of International Strategy at Lebara Group, regarding the company’s business model and future plans. When did you launch operations, who is your network provider, and has this partnership remained unchanged ever since? Founded in 2001, the Lebara Group has built a trusted … Continue reading

MVNOs World Congress Special

UK-based MVNO giant Lycamobile Group has soft-launched in Hong Kong, CEO Chris Tooley informed the audience at last week’s MVNOs World Congress, which took place in Nice, France. Admitting that ‘Lycamobile can be a mystery’, Tooley explained the company’s overarching strategy and dropped hints regarding future plans. Reflecting on the unique challenges of the MVNO … Continue reading

2015 MVNO Award Winners Announced #MVNOIS

The winners of the 3rd Annual International MVNO Industry Awards were announced at MVNOs World Congress 2015, Nice, France. The Awards are designed to champion success and celebrate excellence in the MVNO industry. Each Award was judged by our panel of industry experts who included Ceri Tinine, Manager, Analysys Mason; Dario Talmesio, Principal Analyst and … Continue reading

Customer Experience Management (CEM), Pricing and Value added services: Top three issues shaping #MVNOs market around the world?

We’ve been asking the industry “what are the top three issues currently shaping the MVNOs market around the world”. With the ever-changing MVNO landscape there are many issues that have been highlighted (see below), however, Customer Experience Management, Pricing and Value added services seem to be on top. Do you agree?   Interested to find … Continue reading

MVNO Wholesale Pricing Models by Mike Conradi, Partner, DLA Piper

MVNO Wholesale Pricing Models by Mike Conradi, Partner, DLA Piper (mike.conradi@dlapiper.com) Mike Conradi thought it might be helpful to set out some thoughts on the various MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) pricing models which have been used in respect of telecoms services. In no particular order, these are the ones which DLA Piper have encountered or considered: Wholesale … Continue reading

Speaker Interview – MVNOs World Congress: Hakan Demir, Managing Director, Fenercell

1. In your opinion, what are the top three issues currently shaping the MVNOs market around the world? The answer would vary according to region. On a global scale, the top three issues are: inevitable price competition, over cautious and conservative MNOs, the difficulty of diversification 2. How has your operation developed over the last … Continue reading

Speaker Interview – MVNOs World Congress: Peter Scott, Managing Director, Carphone Warehouse Ireland

Q1: In your opinion, what are the top three issues currently shaping the MVNOs market around the world? The top 3 issues MVNOs are facing are: Changing shape of technology – The pace at which technology is advancing is faster by the day and with the mobile phone and network at the heart of what … Continue reading