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Infographic: what will the future look like with the introduction of the e-SIM?

Since 2007 the mobile industry has witnessed a few developments which are shaping and progressing the whole mobile ecosystem. Most recently, one of the most debatable topics has been the impact the standardised eSIM technology will have on the industry and mainly on the end-consumer. Will the e-SIM cause as much disruption in the mobile … Continue reading

Customer Experience Management (CEM), Pricing and Value added services: Top three issues shaping #MVNOs market around the world?

We’ve been asking the industry “what are the top three issues currently shaping the MVNOs market around the world”. With the ever-changing MVNO landscape there are many issues that have been highlighted (see below), however, Customer Experience Management, Pricing and Value added services seem to be on top. Do you agree?   Interested to find … Continue reading

MVNO Wholesale Pricing Models by Mike Conradi, Partner, DLA Piper

MVNO Wholesale Pricing Models by Mike Conradi, Partner, DLA Piper (mike.conradi@dlapiper.com) Mike Conradi thought it might be helpful to set out some thoughts on the various MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) pricing models which have been used in respect of telecoms services. In no particular order, these are the ones which DLA Piper have encountered or considered: Wholesale … Continue reading

Exclusive Speaker Interview with David Glickman of #MVNO, Ultra Mobile

If you follow the crowd, you’re bound to fail. Telecom entrepreneur, David Glickman of Ultra Mobile gives his insight into what he sees as the top issues currently shaping the U.S MVNO Market. In your opinion, what are the top three issues currently shaping the U.S. MVNO market? Differentiation – The big four operators are … Continue reading

Avoid the pitfalls – discover the 6 steps to MVNO success outlined by top industry experts

The MVNO Market is growing strongly, with approximately an additional 150,000,000 MVNO customers up for grabs in the next 5 years. However, the market is a risky business and many still fail in the industry. What are the main steps to succeed as an MVNO? We asked top industry professionals from market leaders, who outlined 6 … Continue reading

MVNOs World Congress 2014: Post Event Report

The 13th annual MVNOs World Congress attracted over 400 delegates in 2014! Making the most of the extensive networking opportunities, and focussing on innovative MVNO case studies, the international audience were offered a full week of workshops, focus groups, keynote presentations, on stage interviews, interactive panel discussions, parties and the awards ceremony.

MVNOs World Congress 2014 – Photo Gallery

The MVNO’s Run is Berlin Bound!

It’s that time of year again – dust off your running shoes, dig the gym gear out, and prepare for the 2014 MVNOs Run! After the success of the inaugural Chariots of Fire at the 2013 edition, we will be taking in the sights of Berlin on a 5km route sure to get you match … Continue reading

Exclusive Speaker Interview with Alex Bennett, ACN Europe

Ahead of the 13th annual MVNOs World Congress, taking place 8-10 April 2014 in Berlin, Germany, we spoke to some of our prestigious speakers about their expectations and outlook on the future of the MVNO industry. Please read below the interview with Alex Bennett, Vice President, Product Management, ACN Europe

Join the MVNOs World Congress Journey…

With less than one weeks to go until the 13th annual MVNOs World Congress, taking place 8-10 April 2014 in Berlin, Germany, we would like to invite you to join us for the MVNOs World Congress Journey, to help you to plan ahead your participation at the conference: Register today to be part of the … Continue reading