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Q&A Interview with Ola Olsson Myrling, Tele2 IoT

  Where does IoT fit into the ecosystem of wholesale as a service, what benefits will it bring to operators, and how can we anticipate the impacts it will have on our society and tasks.? In a conversation with the MVNOs Series team, Ola Olsson Myrlin, Head of M2M & IoT Partnerships at Tele2 IoT ,  shared … Continue reading

Infographic: what will the future look like with the introduction of the e-SIM?

Since 2007 the mobile industry has witnessed a few developments which are shaping and progressing the whole mobile ecosystem. Most recently, one of the most debatable topics has been the impact the standardised eSIM technology will have on the industry and mainly on the end-consumer. Will the e-SIM cause as much disruption in the mobile … Continue reading